Exclusive Douglas Adams Interview

Recorded 28 years ago, just as HHGTTG[1] was taking off is a very good interview with Douglas Adams.

Read it and weep.

Darker Matter – Exclusive Interview with Douglas Adams from 1979

[1] If you don’t know, I can’t tell you.

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Glastonbury Tickets foudn on Ebay

Following on from the following new article regarding the ‘alleged’ unavailability of Glastonbury 2007 tickets on ebay I decided to give it a quick search.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment

Didn’t take me long, and lo and behold they exist!


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Gossip – Standing in the way of control

Gossip – Standing in the way of control

I got this album recently after hearing their single. If you like the single then the album is even better. The single does a poor job of showcasing Beth’s vocal talents, which is immense. In parts it reminded me of the likes of Donna Summer, layered over simple but melodic melodies provided by Brace and Hannah.

You can also get some of their back catalogue over at emusic.com

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New local ‘Olive’ oil from North East farmers

Its not ‘Olive’ oil, as it comes from rapeseed, but I think I might have to get some. Available from Fenwick in Newcastle, as well as various other places.

Check out the Oleifera web site.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | South of Scotland | Borders farmers take on Tuscany

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Old Beetles

Old Beetles, originally uploaded by Sam Judson.



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